By now, you've probably heard about at least one news story about contaminated food being sold in the supermarkets? 

Spinach with E-coli, Cantaloupe with listeria and salmonella... the list goes on and on. 

Every year, literally millions of people suffer from food poisoning... and thousands of those people will lose their lives. 

Another scary but very real fact is that in the U.S. alone, the FDA expects 24 million shipments of FDA-regulated food goods to pass through the nation’s ports of entry this year, up from 6 million a decade ago.  And of that, only 1.59 percent of these goods will be inspected for botulism, E-coli, Salmonella and a host of other dangers.  The reason for the increase in food imports is because the major supermarkets have a larger profit margin in these foods.  It’s all about the money for them, they don’t care what the dangers are, so long as the shareholders are happy.

Now, I'm sorry- I'm really not trying to scare you - but this is the truth.  Google it yourself, and you will find page after page of news stories about how; year in, year out, people continue to get sick from store-bought fruits and vegetables. 

And that's just the facts on contamination! 

But what about the potential long term threats to our health from pesticides, or genetically modified foods?  Who knows what’s going to happen as we age and reach 60+,  but you can bet your bottom dollar the built up toxins in our bodies will come back to haunt us.

Hi. My name is Jeff Saarland - my friends call me “Green Thumb Jeff”, and I’m sick and tired of the big supermarkets taking us for fools as they line their pockets.

And I decided I wasn't going to put up with it any more.  I decided I wasn't going to put my health at risk or my families health at risk- ever again.    

I decided to fight back and grow my own fresh, healthy and poison free organic food in my backyard.

Now, I'm not gonna' lie to you- it wasn't easy at first.  There was a lot of trial and error.  I had to experiment to find out what worked- and what didn't.  But after a while, and after years of research and trial and error, I discovered little tricks and tips that allowed me to begin feeding my family food that I knew was safe - safe because I knew EXACTLY what was in it and more importantly - what wasn't! 

And along the way, I made another critical discovery - my food costs were going down! 

 And let me tell you, I think this important discovery came just in time.  You've heard news stories about how all the recent drought we've had is going to mean sharply higher food prices in the future? 

And you’ve probably heard about the looming food crisis that’s about the hit the U.S. ?

We’re running out of food and can’t keep up with the growing population.  Eventually, there won’t be enough food to feed everybody and people will go starving..

It’s only takes some simple math to figure this out and if you’re not in a panic now, you soon will be!  That is unless you protect yourself and prepare for the inevitable by growing your own food.  I know I know, you’re probably thinking well I’ve made it this far I’ll just wait and see what happens.  And unfortunately that’s what most people reading this page will be thinking.  But why wait?  Why wait until you struggle to pay for food as prices get even higher, why wait until you NEED to panic, why not prepare now and protect yourself and your family, not only from the higher food prices but also from all of the dangerous food toxins I mentioned earlier. 

This is far too serious to have a laid
back “I’ll do it later” approach.

OK so let me ask you this:  How much money did you spend on fresh vegetables last year?  Or, even worse, how much did you spend on less tasty, canned or frozen vegetables?  Heck, how much do you spend on a single trip to the supermarket?  Just as important, how much of your valuable time did you spend shopping for those overpriced, toxin-laced foods?  How much for the gas just to get to the store?

I want to help you eliminate all that.  Eliminate the risk to yourself and your family from contaminated foods.  Eliminate saturating your body with the toxins and chemicals that build up in your system over time.  And eliminate the risk of being caught up in panic of the looming food crisis.

In addition to all the chemicals, toxins and pesticides in supermarket vegetables- did you know that most contain waxes and polishes to fool you into thinking you're buying quality food? 

Mass-produced vegetables in the supermarket use these little tricks to cover up the truth:  That their industrially grown, large scale operations are geared towards growing foods PROFITABLY.  Quality and taste take a back seat to these concerns.  After all, the supermarket is less interested in your health and most interested in your money.  And they squeeze as much profit out as they can- by using dangerous chemicals to keep bugs from eating their mass-produced crops... by using genetically modified seeds that grow faster without regard to taste or quality. 

And then they slather them with waxes and additives in order to hide that lack of freshness and quality. 

And then they expect you to pay outrageous amounts of money for THAT? 

Why on earth would anybody be willing to do that?  To pay a premium for vegetables that aren't nearly as healthy as what you could grow yourself?  To pay a premium to feed your family chemically laced food, and- sometimes- food that is outright POISONOUS? 
And you know something else?  Even when you neglect the possibility that your food is contaminated with E-Coli, or salmonella, there's still all those other chemicals in your vegetables. 

And you know something else?   Even if you forget about all the studies out there that show a correlation between the toxins in your food and long-term health threats like cancer or Alzheimer's – look it up for yourself!-  there are many, many other studies that demonstrate numerous other drawbacks to supermarket produce. 

One of these for example is sterility, or infertility.  Yep that’s right, store bought foods are making us sterile!

Biologist Alexey V. Surov recently ran a test where hamsters would consume genetically modified soy products, and the result was that by the 3rd generation the hamsters were not able to have babies.

And if this isn't shocking enough, some in the third generation even had hair growing inside their mouths.

Pretty gross right!?

I’m not saying if you go and eat a genetically modified tomato you’re going to instantly go sterile and grow hair in your mouth, I’m not saying that at all. But with so many question marks surrounding GMOs and various pesticides, why on earth take the chance?

So the only real option I had was to grow my own organic food at home.  That way I knew exactly what was in my food, and more importantly, what wasn’t!

Just a few weeks after eating our home grown food there were a few things my family and I noticed:  

Simple things like increased energy levels and increased general well-being.  Studies done in the consumption of organic vegetables have proven that going organic can reduce depression, can increase libido and improve your sex life... 

Look, these aren't pie in the sky claims I'm making.  Do a little research.  You'll see that every bit of it is scientifically proven fact.   And I can attest to the fact that it's all true. 

I've been growing my own organic vegetables in my own backyard for over 18 years, and I know from personal experience how much more healthy, more energetic, I am.  How much healthier my entire family is.

Oh, that's right... I forgot to mention how delicious your own organic vegetables can be!  How impressed your friends and family will be when they compliment you on how tasty your meals are and how you will proudly be able to tell them that, yes, I grew these myself, in my OWN backyard! 

So like I said, I’ve started growing my own food at home, and I’ve become pretty darn good at it over the years too.  I grow my favorite fruit and veggies all year round, they taste amazing and I save over $5000 every year.  Yeah that’s right, over $5000 a year. And as the food prices sky rocket I'll be saving more and more every year.  My family and my friends- after seeing how successful I've been - began to ask me for advice;  “What's your secret?”  They all wanted to know.   

And now, after 18 years of gardening experience I have finally compiled all of my secrets into a single easy to follow report that anybody can follow.  It’s a step-by-step guide to show anybody (even those with zero gardening experience) how to easily grow organic food at home.  And best of all, my method only requires 7 hours of maintenance per year.  You heard me right:  Less than 7 hours per year!  I'll bet you spend more time than that SHOPPING at the supermarket in a month!  But for less than 7 hours a YEAR, you will grow your own healthy, delicious organic vegetables. 

Take a look below at everything you get with the Organic Savings program... As you can see, this isn't just some rehash of an old book!

The Organic Savings Manual - $97 Value

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This is truly a no fluff program designed to help YOU escape the grips of chemical lased supermarket food.
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Slugs can be a real problem when trying to grow an organic food garden. But, with my electric slug fence plans you can protect your crops, no pesticides necessary!

I'm also throwing in a video so you can see the slug fence in action as it fends of a slug.
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Is your life to busy to sit down and read through my organic food program? Well don't worry...

I've professionally recorded the entire Organic Savings manual to an MP3 so instead of reading, you can just listen!
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Organic Gardening E-mail Coaching

This is 12 months enrollment to my e-mail coaching program. You can ask me any questions you want so you can get started faster. I'll even give you special tips and tricks along the way.

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Get a full 8 week guarantee with your order. If your not happy with your purchase for ANY REASON, just sent me a quick email to I will personally refund your purchase, no questions and no hassle!

So now you have 2 options:

Option 1: Continue to eat supermarket foods that have been laced with various chemicals linked with serious health problems.  Risk eating foods with virus and other diseases. Remember the FDA expects 24 million shipments of FDA-regulated food goods to pass through the nation’s ports of entry this year and only 1.59 percent of these goods will be inspected for botulism, E-coli, Salmonella and a host of other dangers.

So it’s either risk your health and your families health with the supermarket foods or -

Option 2: Fight back and stand up for healthier food.  Stop falling for supermarket tricks and start growing organic food, start de-toxing your body and getting your health back.

I promise, it’s not hard work to grow organic food.  In fact, it’s actually quite fun and your friends and family with be impressed when you serve food that you’ve grown yourself.

Choose option 2, start the Organic Savings challenge today and let’s push for a healthier country.

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Jeff Serland - Firm believer in
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P.P.S. Also remember, I'm here to help you. With my e-mail coaching program you can contact me at any time for an entire year and I’ll give you 100% of my attention.

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